Frequently Asked Questions

This page was designed to answer some of the questions most often asked about GolfScoreBoard.Net. 

Why would our course want to use this?

The GolfScoreBoard.Net system makes it easier to set up and manage tournaments and allows players or score keepers to enter their scores directly from the course.  The real time scoring updates and leader board function increases engagement by participants and spectators which generally results in higher food, beverage, and pro shop sales.

How much does it cost to use the GolfScoreBoard.Net platform?

Nothing.  All of the tournament scoring and leaderboard features of the GolfScoreBoard.Net platform are absolutely free to use.

How is my registration information used?

We will use the information you provide during the registration process to set up the tournament and scoreboard system for your golf course and establish your administrative user account.  You may also occasionally receive emails from White Oak Technology Group regarding new features or technical information about the GolfScoreBoard.Net platform or related services.  Otherwise, your information will be kept totally secured and will not be provided to anyone.

How is our golfers registration information used?

The GolfScoreBoard.Net system uses team names to track tournament participants and scores.  We do not collect or display individual golfer information and your golfers are not required to register for anything.

Is there a limit to the number of tournaments I can create?

No.  You can create and host as many tournaments as you like for free using the GolfScoreBoard.Net system.  There are no fees or upcharges based on the number of tournaments, number of teams, etc.

Can I promote the fact that I have this system available for special events and fundraisers?

Yes,  in fact this system can be a selling point for your facility if you make it available to organizations who host fundraisers.  The system increases event engagement and excitement, and can increase event revenue through sold sponsorships.  The message system on the leaderboard can be used to publicly track event revenue and issue team challenges.

What about the increased revenue functions?

There is a fully functioning sponsorship tool which rotates ads throughout the platform.  You (your course or event) can sell ad space on the platform for however much you want.  You also have the option to assign an event coordinator to manage the sponsorships for specific events.  GolfScoreBoard.Net charges a small administrative fee per advertiser ($10 per event or $25 for the year).  The difference between what you sell the ad space for and the administrative fee is added revenue for the special event, the golf course, or you. 

Example:  Club Event Annual Sponsors – sell 20 ad spots for all club events for a full season (year) at $150 each.  The administrative fee would be $500 and the additional revenue for the course/club would be $2,500.

Example:  Special Event or Fundraiser – the organization sells 40 ad spots for $50 each for the special event.  The administrative fee would be $400 and the additional revenue for the event would be $1,600.

There is no requirement that you use the sponsorship or advertising function.  However, GolfScoreBoard.Net may still display national and regional advertising on your leaderboard.  This is how we keep the system free for you to use.

Do you have a demonstration system available?

No, but the GolfScoreBoard.Net system is absolutely free to use so there is no risk to trying it out.  We’d suggest registering your course so you can see all the great features for yourself.

Where can I find a user manual?

The user manual is available for download from our support forum and can also be viewed online from the Administration page of your leaderboard.